Solutions in prevention and combat

to fire.

Have an efficient and secure system.

Customized services

Risk analysis

Specialized team to find the best solution in fire prevention and fighting.

Executive Projects

Customized engineering projects to get the best solution.

Hydrostatic Test

Ensures the effectiveness of automatic fire suppression systems.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive and corrective maintenance prevents possible problems in the combat and detection system.

Systems Installation

It is planned and the entire process is monitored by specialized professionals.

Tightness test

Prevents possible accidents and avoids leaks in rooms that contain a fire fighting system.

System Recharge

Quick and simple procedure that guarantees the effectiveness of fixed fire fighting systems.


We have products that are suitable
for the most diverse areas of risk.


O compacto Klents é um sistema de detecção e supressão de incêndio unificados. Equipado com Painel de Incêndio e

Xtralis – Vesda

Xtralis fornece uma detecção de fumaça altamente confiável com o mínimo de presença de fogo, ao mesmo tempo, em

Solo – Equipamentos para teste de detectores

Solo Detectortesters é a empresa líder do mercado, concebendo soluções que permitem testar detectores de incêndio de forma rápida,

T-BOX – Servidor de detecção e supressão de incêndio

O T-Box é um servidor de detecção e supressão de incêndio com três zonas para detecção e uma zona

Water Mist Sistema de Incêndio – VID FireKill

O Sistema automático Water mist de Baixa Pressão foi especialmente projetado para proteção total contra incêndios de aplicação local,

AF-X Fireblocker – Sistema de combate

O AF-X Fireblocker usa um spray seco para extinção rápida e eficaz e não danifica o equipamento existente. Um


About Us

Tec and Tec works with equipment and solutions in fire prevention and fighting, performing preventive and corrective maintenance services, gas recharge, projects for fire prevention and fighting systems, watertightness, hydrostatic test and so-called emergency technicians in detection.

We have qualified and certified professionals, which result in effective and long-lasting systems, with maximum protection and cost benefit.

Our experience

Discover our different applications and count on our experience

We work to ensure agility in your project, providing
national and international products for all of Brazil.

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Where to apply?

We offer several combat and detection solutions to serve a variety of segments, from buildings, industries, telecommunications, heritage to transport.


Protection for buildings, schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, shops, warehouses.


Protection for industries, mining, production lines, restaurants, petroleum.


Protection for energy and telecommunications, data centers, battery rooms, electrical rooms, transformers, substations.


Protection of heritage sites, museums, libraries, art galleries, historic buildings


Protection for trains, aviation, ships, machinery, containers.


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